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Our knowledgeable agronomist will create a custom fertilizer blend(s) for your farm. These blends are based on several factors, what you are growing, what the soil type is, what you are looking to have your field/farm do and a soil sample, if you have one. Once he has determined what fertilizer blend(s) you will use, we send the blend sheets to the fertilizer plant to have it mixed up for you either in 1000 kg bags or bulk.

One of our staff members comes to your farm and will take several sample probes throughout the field and use those sample probes to make up a representative sample to send off and get an analysis on. Once the results are back, we are able to see what is going on in the soil. We then can come up with a custom fertilizer recommendation/blend to fill in any nutrient deficiencies that may be there.

If you are having issues with your crop, our agronomist is available to come out and scout your field(s) and try to determine what is happening. You will either walk the field(s) together, or have our agronomist talk to you before hand and send him out to have him determine what is happening in the crop/field.

Speaking with our agronomist, he will advise you on what chemical(s) to be spraying, based on what you are growing and what the weed/pest pressures are.