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About Glen Dale Agra Services Ltd.

Welcome to Glen Dale Agra Services Ltd.

Glen Dale Agra Services Ltd has been serving the interior of BC for over 30 years now. Our goal has always been literally ``Service From The Word Grow`` to help you grow the best crop possible. Until 2006 our focus was primarily to provide you with fertilizer and seed for your crop requirements.

During the summer of 2006 we undertook the project of building our new facilities and relocating the new business to our current location of ``1055 Highway 16 West`` in Vanderhoof. Along with this move came a major expansion of the services and products we are offering today.

Our new fertilizer blending facilities have a major increase in storage volume, upgraded blending capacities along with an overhead bin load out system that increases our blended fertilizer shipping capacity.

In 2007 we also added to our increasing line of products by building an ``Agrichemical Warehousing Standard Association`` accredited chemical warehouse. This added to the services we are offering to include the sale of herbicides and pesticides.

With all these changes, we are working hard to provide ``Service from the Word Grow``. Feel free to come by and see our broad line of products or give us a call. We have great people here at Glen Dale Agra Services that have many years of experience and great product knowledge. They will be more than glad to answer any questions you may have and assist you in your product purchase decisions.


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Glen Dale Agra Services Ltd. was acquired by Four Rivers Co-op and was effective as of December 22, 2020.

All of the services Glen Dale Agra Services Ltd. brought to the community will be continued under the Four Rivers Co-op family.

To view the acquisition press release, please click here.

To go to the Four Rivers website, please click here.